About me

My name is Lucas Löbker, I'm 25 years old and I live in the beautiful North of Rotterdam. Besides that I get satisfaction from my profession as a designer, I also really like running, motorcycling and drinking a beer every now and then.

I am a graduate of the study Communication and Multimedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam). I also have my diploma of the study Design & Technology of the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam. Thanks to these studies, I combine the theory of design research with the pixel-perfect precision I make visual designs. In recent years, I am increasingly specializing in User Experience, User Interface and Interaction Design. These skills consist of various experiences, like my own company Civico, my research during my minor and my thesis research in London.


In 2009 I started Civico with a friend, what we did beside our study. We especially focused on small businesses who want to outsource their entire online division for a fixed price. We looked at what the purpose of the client was and we adapted our products onto it. The problem with many existing content management systems, that it is very difficult for the client to update their own website. In the end, they want to focus on their profession and often asked us to update the content. By creating a custom CMS for the specific client, the client won’t drown in the possibilities and he can maintain his own website or webshop. During our graduation we decided to stop continuing Civico and both seek for new challenges.


To finish my study, I had to do a graduation research and I've decided to do it abroad. This is obviously not an easy way to get my diploma, but I saw this as an opportunity to develop myself in different cultures and also improve my English. I chose to go to London, because this city is very forefront in the area of ​​technology and trends.
Unfortunately, this way of graduation is not known in London and I had to approach more than 60 companies to finally find a right place. Luckily I eventually found my dream internship at Manifesto Digital. I did a research how wearable technology could revolutionize charity fundraising. More information about my graduation you will find on the left side at the pages 'Manifesto' and 'London 2014'.

After graduation

Now that I've graduated, I want to get started at a fun, dynamic company and work as a concept developer and UX designer. Making rock-solid products and achieving deadlines gives me a thrill. I’m really a team player and I have a lot of experience with Agile methods such as Scrum. I also started my own start-up, after finishing my thesis. It’s a platform where the health of employees can be promoted and where they raise money for charity. I want to keep on working on this start-up next to a job (and maybe involve the company).

More information? Please just contact me!