Wearable tech is popular and the combination between fashion and technology is very upcoming. FashTech gives a stage for start-ups with passion and creativity in this sector.

This Thursday I went with Simon Bates to FashTech, a conference about fashion in combination with technology. It was organized by Dreamstake: an organization who is supporting start-ups with information, marketing and visibility like this conference. It was held at the Google Campus here in London which is a great place for meeting people and to network.


When we arrived there, we say a lot of tables where people could show their start-up. Because it was very crowded, it was difficult to visit all the stands and have a talk about their start-ups. My thought of the starting companies was more focused on the smart clothing, like jeans who know where they are or shoes who are telling you what way to walk. Unfortunately it was not really like this. The most start-ups were more platform based like an instagram for clothes or an app who can recognise shape and patterns. Although, I found a very interesting product:

This is a shirt with microphones in the laces. That means that you can listen to your music and receive phone calls because the cable is integrated in the clothes. There is an extra pocket for your phone or mp3 player where the plug is located. Also the microphones are machine washable, so you only have to get your device out.


There was a presentation given by some start-ups and also there was a Q&A with fashion professionals and industry experts who discussed and debated on the congruence of fashion and technology. Like: Will online shopping be the end of the shopping street? What is the influence on fashion of celebrities onto youth? How important is social media for the fashion market? Are bloggers a good promotion for brands? Also the audience could ask questions who were projected on the screen behind the panel.


As I said, a lot of start-ups were platform based. There was a start-up with a tools for your browser where you can select an image of a fashion item on any website. Automatically it will look for the cheapest offer, put in on your wish list or let you know when this item will be in stock again. Also there was a platform where you can give your exact measurements of your body, so you can order clothes that will exactly fit, so you don't have to send your order back.

The next FashTech will be on 16 April and focusses more on Wearable Tech and iBeacon. I will definitely be there.