Hands on the Pebble

Yes! I was very pleased to see that there was a package for me Tuesday morning. I got the Pebble out, putted it on my arm and (except for this photo) I never took it off again.

My first impressions

I knew this Pebble Smartwatch was coming, so I already installed the Pebble App on my iPhone. After I received the watch, I could connect it immediately to my phone. The whole installation went so smooth and within a few minutes I was already trying different apps. I was amazed by the variety of apps but I wasn't so sure if all the apps would be useful in everyday life. One function I am really excited about, is the notification tool. It shows all your notifications which you get on your phone, on your Pebble. So when I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket, I can see on my pebble what someone's sending to my Whatsapp, what people like on my Instagram and see who and what people commenting on my Facebook.

Besides all those great and fun features, I'm wondering if the use of this Pebble will be beneficial for people in their everyday life. For now it's more looking like a Technology Push which people will like a lot, but will it be in the Plateau Of Productivity after a few years? I think there have to change a lot of things to make this full grown. For example: The Pebbles is making use of input of your smartphone like the internet, GPS and Social Media. That means that the Pebble is an adjustment on your phone, but standalone there's nothing smart on this watch.

My concept

Still, the Pebble is quite a nerdy gadget and the current apps are very un-personal and boring. Especially for people who just got the Pebble, they want to see what the possibilities are and want to try a lot of those free apps. Because I'm going to make something for charity, I can make an app for the Pebble where for example you can track how much there is donated already.

To get a little feeling with charity and doing something good for others, I made my feel-good app: Good Deed. This small little app reminds you to do a good deed every day for somebody. That can be a big thing, but also just standing up in the bus for someone who needs it more than you or give someone a compliment.


I started already with realising this app but it's harder than I thought. There are a lot of free examples in C and Javascript, which you can try on your Pebble. The speed of connecting between my laptop, iPhone and Pebble is amazing. If I press a button in an example app, immediately there's a response on my laptop, really great to see this. I haven't manage to realise it yet, but hopefully there's someone from Manifesto who like to think about this with me and know how to make this work. Then I hope I will get some results of people who are using my app. Hopefully to be continued...