Final concept presentation

With a month and a half to go before I will do my final presentation in Rotterdam, I'm finishing my research now and I'll be working on my final product. I did my presentation for all my colleagues about my research, I showed them my final concept and I asked them for feedback.


For my 16 colleagues, I did my presentation about the research and about the final concept I'm working on now. Last week I had to hand in my thesis and next week I will present my research and concept to my university, so I thought it would be good to have a little practice already. Here you can see my presentation:

Unfortunately the storage became full after 14 minutes of recording, so the video doesn't show all the interactive prototypes at the end, but the links of those pages you will find below. You can download the Powerpoint presentation here as well. 

Manifesto Runningteam leaderboard

An important part of my research and also of my final product is the Manifesto Runningteam leaderboard. I started working on this a few months ago where I talked about it in this blogpost, and now the leaderboard is really working with the MapMyRun API. I sent out an email a couple of weeks ago and I asked my colleagues to sign up. Some of them did sign up, but other ones didn't. I don't really mind if they did or didn't, but I would like to know why. That's why I created this forms they could fill in during my presentation. For the people who did sign up, I asked them why they did it and what their expectations are. For the other people, I asked why they didn't sign up. Don't they like running or is there another reason. Click on the forms to view them in PDF.

I also asked them what they thought of my final concept, how they thought about my presentation and if they have other tips and advice to look at for the next month.



Company page


My prototype has 3 pages. I didn't check them cross browser, so the prototype might look weird in other browsers than Firefox on a PC. On the homepage, you'll get an overall experience about the platform. It also shows new visitors the benefits of joining this platform. The feeling of this leaderboard should be personal, so you will see companies in the same area and also familiar charities. By clicking on 'All companies', '10 miles' or 'London, GB', you can adjust the leaderboard. Eventually the website should be in multiple languages as well.

The company page is even so important, because you can see a lot of things and facts about a company. The header of the page should give you an image of the company with a cover image on top, the logo of the company in the middle with the rank and the charity they are supporting. Also it shows the all-time money they've collected and the miles they ran.

The third page which I designed is the settings page. It's not a really visual important page, but it gives a feeling about the connected devices and the settings you can apply on them.


While I'm not really proud of the presentation, I did get useful feedback. Most of my colleagues filled in the form very well I gave out. Here you can find the whole transcriptions, but these are my most important insights:

- Make the platform for swimming and cycling as well, because not everybody would like to run
- The routes of someone's run could be valuable
- It's good to have an own tracking app included, so you are not dependent on 3rd party software
- The possibility of creating a League of companies
- Have it clear who the supporters, fundraisers and other stakeholders are
- Custom rewards from the company itself (free holidays)
- If people are not competitive or other people are doing too well, that might put some people off
- Give companies the possibility to hide individual scores so the team is only working together
- Give people the possibility to be anonymous in the company leaderboard or combine anonymous people
- Show how the platform encourages the behavior of involving people compete to other companies
- More pros and cons in the presentation