During my minor, I was analyzing how we deal with the night and I looked at how I could change this. As a concept, I try to get the focus of the night to the day by making people disconnected and live in the present.

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During the minor 'Designful innovation for one billion people' I had to research and develop a disruptive innovation that is valuable to one billion people. During this minor we went to Essen, Brussels and Barcelona to compare cultures and explore trends.

For my first concept, I wanted to change the meaning of the night, because I think there are many possibilities to change the way we use the night in the current state. Given today's technology, we no longer need to use the night to sleep, but we could also stimulate the 24-hour economy. Here you can see my poster:

The outcome of my research showed that the night is very valuable for the peace that people find. They have a feeling that the time stands still, which makes the night a good time to work or rest, as they will not be disturbed, for example, by their smartphones. I then made a turn in my concept to bring this focus of the night to the day, so that people can experience this peace even during the daytime.

My concept ‘Thisconnected’ is focusing on the rest in public spaces by blocking signals from outside. By using a signal jammer, you will not be disturbed by your smartphone and you can keep your attention to the people you are with or the work you're doing. Also, you can make a conscious choice to sit in the ‘no phone zone’ with your company by asking yourself: Are we going to sit in the Thisconnected zone? See this video below where I tested this prototype (in Dutch).

For more information about the whole process of this concept, see my minor blog.